PT Anugrah Multi Cipta Karya
Engineering Software Research Centre (founded 1989)

Office: Jl. Situ Aksan 29, Bandung 40221, INDONESIA
Tel: +62-22-6041685, 6002832, 6074498, 6074668. Fax: +62-22-6003595
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Lab Data Acquisition / Automation


ESRC provides services to automate data acquisition of various laboratory instruments.

We can design software to connect various analog instruments to computer using Data Loger via RS-232, RS-485 or USB Cable Data.


Some of our projects:

1. Data Acquisition System for TDS302, PUSKIM Structural Lab, Cileunyi, Bandung

2. Data Acquisition System for Consolidation Test, UNPAR Geoteknik Lab, Bandung


3. Data Acquisition System for UCAM, Lab Struktur ITB, Bandung

4. Low-Cost Concrete Temperature Monitoring System


 Digital Indicator           Magnetic Stand                       GageMux Data Logger 8-Ch     +   Cable












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